Feeling Thankful!

Thankful... when I think of the word....Grateful, contented, overwhelmed, pleased, indebted, relieved, satisfied.   Wow all those words have so much meaning when we really take the time to pause and think.  

I am sitting in my dear friends yoga Studio Inner Dawn behind the store as I write this.  I look out the window to green grass on the patio, light wind blowing the shrubs and I can see the blue water that separates us from the U.S.  When I look to the south- left - there is a bright blue sky with a few white puffy clouds but as I look to the north - right- I see dark heavy grey clouds. 

So meaningful for life.  We are so very blessed to be living in Canada, living in a country without war or famine or hurricanes or floods.  In Sarnia we are shielded from forest fires and ice storms that many parts of our country deals with.  But at times in our lives we do have the dark clouds of cancer, pain, death and fear.  It is important to me at this time to stop and be thankful for the good and bad- the sorrow and joy - and know in both there is learning and growing for me.

I am so very thankful for where we have come and thankful for the journey of where we are going as individuals, as family, as friends, as partners and as a team at One Tooth.  Our desire is to serve your needs as best we can with the resources we have.  We value and welcome your suggestions and appreciate your choice to make One tooth part of your life.  

Fall is such a favourite season for me in so many ways but I believe the choice to make it a time of thankfulness is one of the main reasons.  Stopping to enjoy the seasons smells, tastes, experiences, yes and even the new fall pieces- sweaters, fun socks and comfy pants!

So thank you and my hope is that you get a moment to also enjoy this season of thankfulness!


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