ONE YOU x Heather Lapier

Meet Heather. She's a Creator, Mom, Blogger and Entrepreneur located in Corunna, Ontario. Read our interview below to get to know her better! Shop her outfit here.

Q: What is your profession? Give us some details.

A: I am a Creator. I share my life through content mediums like images, videos and written stories on various social media platforms. I create stories from my life experiences and through sharing honestly and am able to create relationships with others on social media. I often work with brands to help them tell their story through my experience with their product or service. I also create content for specific stories that need to be told which allows a brand to have a more personal connection with a new audience.

Q: What is it about One Tooth apparel that you think fits you and your lifestyle best?

A: On any given day I could be playing with my children in the park, meeting with clients, filming a video and out for a date with my husband. I love that One Tooth apparel has styles for all of these scenarios and many that can take me from one to the next. One Tooth apparel is practical and stylish clothing for my life as a wife, mom and entrepreneur.


Q: What is one thing you do to remain authentic in your day-to-day life?

A: . I remain authentic by spending time with God. God created me, so getting to know Him better, helps me to know myself better. I make it a priority to get up first in the morning, start the coffee and sit quietly to do some Bible study. Reading the Bible and spending time in prayer everyday keeps everything in focus for me. I spend a significant amount of time on social media and it can sometimes warp my view of reality and what is important. Keeping my eyes focused on things above helps me to stay true to who I am as an individual, it inspires my content and helps me to be happier in all of the work that waits for me each day.



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