ONE YOU x Lake Effect Studio

Meet…. Sam Eastman and Kelly Moir – Co-Owners of Lake Effect Studio!

Long-time friends Kelly & Sam moved back home after graduating university in the Spring of 2020. The more they discussed the future, the more they realized their dreams and ambitions aligned. In combining their passion of design, community building, and environmental sustainability, Lake Effect Studio was created!


Q: What is your profession? Give us some details.

A: We are the owners & operators of Lake Effect Studio! We offer marketing and branding services to local small & medium sized businesses. Additionally, our business is focused on keeping our environmental impact low. The business was created out of our shared passion for local businesses & keeping their brand at the forefront of Sarnia residents.

Sam’s role in the business is focused on web and graphic design, as well as some administrative duties. A typical day looks like working on website layouts & design, meeting with clients to discuss their vision, and working in Adobe Illustrator to perfect a new logo or graphic.

Kelly’s role is heavy in social media management, copywriting, and client services. A typical day includes phone calls with clients, planning social media posts for the week, and writing out the copy for a new website.



Q: What is it about One Tooth apparel that you think fits you and your lifestyle best?

A: We both love the flexibility of the style at One Tooth. You can feel like you’re wearing comfortable workout clothing while looking professional & feeling confident. The quality of the clothing they sell is something we can get behind too, as their clothing lasts for many wears.

As business owners, we are always looking for ways to optimize our time. Shopping at One Tooth is perfect because we can buy professional, lounge, & active wear all at one location.

Additionally, fast fashion (defined as cheap, trendy clothing that moves quickly from the catwalk to stores) is polluting our planet & shopping somewhere both sustainably and ethically sourced is something we can get behind. Many of the brands they carry are made from recycled materials or are responsibly manufactured.

QWhat is one thing you do to remain authentic in your day-to-day life?

A: For Sam, remaining authentic is living by the motto “work hard, play harder”. Owning the business is about doing something that you love while being able to live the way you’d like to. Shopping local & taking advantage of all the great things Sarnia has to offer (like our beautiful beach!) all keep her from getting caught up in the trivial things.

Similarly, Kelly remains authentic by remembering the why of the business. We started this business because we love Sarnia-Lambton, we feel that marketing helps businesses stay afloat and can encourage consumers to shop locally. Keeping this mission in mind keeps her authentic & genuine with every client interaction.

Wearing One Tooth Sarnia

Location: Blackwater Coffee Co.

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