Thriving, Striving, and Arriving at 5 Years of Business!

We are so excited to be sharing our 5th year in business with our amazing friends. When we take a step back and look at it - we have been blessed with new friendships in so many ways. 

Well, originally when we started we didn't know most of you but have had the great pleasure to get to know you and instead of calling you customers we call you friends!  It is a delight to get to know you and your families and walk along side of you in this journey of life!  It has been a journey to get to know what Sarnia likes and what we need more of - we will endeavour to bring the new & exciting to you!!  As well we have been blessed with those that encouraged and support us from the beginning....We are very thankful for your support and how you spur us on! 

Also we would not have made it this far without great staff - who have gone above and beyond for our customer and us!  They are all unique and wonderful.  We have had some stay with us for a short time and some since the very beginning!  We love you all and feel blessed to call you dear friends!

As well we have fostered great friendships with our colleagues - ones who own businesses and ones who manufacture these great product.  It is a true delight to "do life" with many of you on an ongoing bases.

Our families should not be forgotten- we are blessed to be family but also blessed to be surrounded by a supportive, encouraging, and loving group.  THANK YOU!

  It has been a wonderful 5 years so far and we are looking forward to many more great years to come!  All of you in your own way challenge us and inspire us  to do better and become our better selves!

Thanks for the Journey so far and looking forward to many more great memories:)

Heather and Patti Jo:)


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