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ODESSE Vessel Perfume
ODESSE Vessel Perfume
ODESSE Vessel Perfume
ODESSE Vessel Perfume
ODESSE Vessel Perfume
ODESSE Vessel Perfume
ODESSE Vessel Perfume
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ODESSE Vessel Perfume

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Easy to carry, easy to apply, easy to want. Very hard to forget.


Odesse’s refillable perfumes will save time, money, and the planet. Reduce your overall waste by adding her to your routine.



  • Plastic free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Zero Waste
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Vessel 5.5cm H x 5.5cm W x 1.2cm D 
  • 6g/ 0.21 oz 

1)Forest Floor-  Pear, Melon, Jasmine, Lilly

She’s floral, but she’s no wallflower. Meet Forest Floor. First, she’ll butter you up with fresh and floral notes: zest of pear and melon and petals of jasmine and lily. Then you’ll meet her seductive side, smooth and lingering. Made up of magnolia, tuberose, cedar and plum, this is the side you’ll want to watch out for. 


2) Deep Orchid- Tea, Patchouli, Orchid, Bergamot 

Just a couple of wears and you’ll find yourself in a committed long-term relationship with Deep Orchid. Her intoxicating notes of tea, patchouli, bergamot, musk and orange flower make for a warm, woody and layered scent. Call it smitten, call it spellbound, but when you know, you know. 


3) Rosewood- Mandarin, Strawberry, Jasmine, Rose 

Rose Wood isn’t like the other girls. She’s youthful, sweet and subtle, with fruity head notes of mandarin and strawberry. Once on the skin, these bloom into a romantic base of oakmoss, vetiver and sandalwood. She’s what you might wear on a Sunday afternoon date where you drink rose and roll around in the fields of flowers.


4) Amber Haze- Melon, Pear, Freesia, Musk 

Like you, Amber Haze’s head and heart tell her two different things. The head notes open fresh and floral with melon, pear and freesia. But her heart has something to say, too. It enters with heady patchouli, musk and rhubarb, spiking her fresh scent with just the right amount of spice. 


5) Winter Field- Cinnamon, Blackcurrant, Pink Pepper

If she could, Winter Field would write love notes to herself on the bathroom mirror — in red lipstick. She’s equal parts luxe and feminine, overflowing with notes of cinnamon, blackcurrant, pink pepper and vanilla. Powerful, but not overpowering. Floral, but not sweet. Try to keep your tongue to yourself.


6) Violet Bloom- Violet, Strawberry, Blood Grapefruit 

Violet Bloom came here to break hearts, starting with yours. She’s a bouquet of sweet, ripe and juicy, opening with sugary notes of violet lead, strawberry and blood grapefruit. But top notes can be deceiving. She contradicts her femininity with punches of musk, patchouli and amber, because all the good girls have a dark side. 


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