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SOLID STATE Mens Cologne
SOLID STATE Mens Cologne
SOLID STATE Mens Cologne
SOLID STATE Mens Cologne
SOLID STATE Mens Cologne
SOLID STATE Mens Cologne
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SOLID STATE Mens Cologne

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Size Matters: 80% smaller than regular products. 100% smarter. 110% more handsome. Squeeze the bathroom products into whatever shower space you’ve been left. Slide the cologne in your pocket or bag. Take them all on an international flight, because airport security wouldn’t dare. 


Less Waste,  More Product: These products don’t rely on water or alcohol as cheap fillers, which means they’re better for the environment and longer-lasting than traditional grooming products, too. But will they melt? Never, but lovers might



10g /0.35g

  • Drifter Blood Orange. Ginger. Mahogany.

We called this one Drifter because the scent physically drifts from fresh (ginger and mandarin) to floral (rose and jasmine) to warm (sandalwood and cedarwood). That’s not really why we called it Drifter but it sounded pretty cool, didn’t it.

Cologne Inspired by Gucci Envy.

Top Notes: Mahogany, Coriander, Blood Orange
Heart Notes: Ginger, Carnation, Cedar
Base Notes: Amber, Leather, Incense



  • Aviator- Grapefruit. Mint. Sandalwood.

You’ve just taken a shower. Naked. Under a waterfall. In a rainforest. You feel bright, zingy, fresh. Now you’re back at your cabin in the woods; the fire is burning and so is your incense. You’re one with nature.

Cologne Inspired by Bleu de Chanel.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Mint, Bergamot 
Heart Notes:  Melon, Ginger, Jasmine 
Base Notes:  Sandalwood, Amber, Cedar Wood



  • Cruiser Mexican Tangerine. Ginger. Amber.

Cruiser drives a vintage Dodge Charger and wears a leather jacket. Even in the summer. He’s a rebellious type, opening with a blend of exotic citrus that develops into a spicy, floral bouquet of orange tree blossom, jasmine and ginger. Half luxurious, half edgy, full man.

Cologne Inspired by John Varvatos Artisan.

Top Notes: Tangerine, Clementine, Thyme 
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Ginger, Orange Blossom 
Base Notes:  Amber, Musk, Agarwood



  • Wayfarer Tobacco. Vanilla. Spice.

If you find people are staring, your clothes feel more expensive, handwritten phone numbers are being tossed in your direction, cigars are magically appearing in your hand and there’s multiple pairs of lacy underwear in your pocket… you’re probably wearing this.

Cologne Inspired by Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

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PLU: 5637